V. E. "Veltzeh" Lehkonen (veltzeh) wrote in elfchat,
V. E. "Veltzeh" Lehkonen

Oh, erase, erase!

[2005/11/11_22:53:19] <True> [Everything Is Pornography.]... :O If honesty is everything and I am honest then does that mean I am also pornography? :OOOO
[2005/11/11_22:53:24] <True> :P
[2005/11/11_22:53:33] <Lamichu> õ.O
[2005/11/11_22:53:41] <Veltzeh> X)
[2005/11/11_22:54:23] <Keyshika> I bet my eraser is very pornographic.
[2005/11/11_22:55:03] <True> =P
[2005/11/11_22:55:26] <True> Just keeps stripping off layers does it? x)
[2005/11/11_22:55:42] <Keyshika> Yeah. :P
[2005/11/11_22:56:02] <Veltzeh> XD
[2005/11/11_22:56:17] <Keyshika> And see... it lies on my table...
[2005/11/11_22:56:23] <True> :O
[2005/11/11_22:56:47] <Veltzeh> and you rub its backside on things >_>
[2005/11/11_22:56:52] <True> xD
[2005/11/11_22:56:59] <True> OK Vel, that took it a little too far. :P
[2005/11/11_22:57:07] <Veltzeh> no it didn't! XD
[2005/11/11_22:57:20] <Keyshika> xD
[2005/11/11_22:57:27] <True> It also likes to get dirty. :O
[2005/11/11_22:57:34] <Veltzeh> very much so.
[2005/11/11_22:58:19] <Veltzeh> and it moves back and forth!
[2005/11/11_22:58:48] <Keyshika> XD
[2005/11/11_22:59:00] <Keyshika> How many dirty thing you can get out of an eraser?
[2005/11/11_22:59:02] <Veltzeh> you know, erasers are way more pornographic than I could've imagined XD
[2005/11/11_22:59:02] <Keyshika> +s
[2005/11/11_22:59:07] <True> Yeah xD
[2005/11/11_22:59:20] <Veltzeh> I'll never erase quite the same again!
[2005/11/11_22:59:54] <True> :P
[2005/11/11_23:02:01] <Keyshika> ... and when you rub the eraser on something, it leaves little erasers behind... :P
[2005/11/11_23:02:02] <Keyshika> Okay
[2005/11/11_23:02:05] <Keyshika> maybe I'll jsut draw
[2005/11/11_23:02:08] <Keyshika> just
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