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January 1st, 2006

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05:16 pm - I can KICK people!
[2006/01/01_17:11:13] <Zepher> i see ^_^ last question, when did i become an op?
[2006/01/01_17:11:36] <Veltzeh> about a week ago or something... somebody was talking about adding people
[2006/01/01_17:11:51] <Veltzeh> I suspect isilando, so feel free to blame him :P
[2006/01/01_17:12:06] <Zepher> *Grins* now i can kick myself!
[2006/01/01_17:12:23] <Veltzeh> I'd like a demonsration of that ;)
[2006/01/01_17:12:26] <Veltzeh> +t
[2006/01/01_17:12:29] * Zepher was kicked by Zepher (Zepher)
[2006/01/01_17:12:38] * Zepher (~a@Azzurra-7ECC6AB0.cable.wanadoo.nl) has joined #elftown
[2006/01/01_17:12:38] * ChanServ sets mode: +o Zepher
[2006/01/01_17:12:42] <Veltzeh> whoo!

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